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haunth was like:
i was going through your art and i just : holy shit you're so talented !!!! i wanted to ask if you were self taught or if you took some classes or something? and say that you should really consider selling your art or something because i would definitely be in line for one of your works; they're beautiful!

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! Art is something that came naturally to me as i come from a family of amazing artists on my mothers side of the family. I believe that it’s just a gene thing. I was mostly self taught and started drawing and painting at around 3 or 4 years old, and I was guided  by my mother, who is an art teacher. As a toddler everywhere I went I carried a notebook with me so my mom could teach me. I actually do sell my art! But not like on a website or anything, I usually tag along with my mother when she volunteers at festivals and I sell my own jewelry and sculptures there, and also sell things to friends who ask. The only classes I took before was my mom’s art class at my elementary school and required high school art classes. Also both my mother and my sister attended our states creative arts center in high school and I did some workshops there last year! I hope to one day open an etsy shop when I have the chance :) Thank you again, this message made me so happy!


before the blend

Romain Brunet

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the first time (2012)

Is this movie good

yeah it’s really good

i actually love this movie, so weird i was just thinking about it like seconds ago then thisss

yes it has dylan o’brien omg

I actually really like this movie

if it has dylan o’brien I’m sold

ugh this movie is so amazing