stolen poetry

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I'm Blaise and art is my way of survival
Demi Lovato may or may not keep me sane




so my friend’s boyfriend sent this to her and I think my heart just melted into a nice big puddle

fuck-life-im-becoming-a-nudist this is my fear

I won’t stop loving you. Ever

the different comments so many couples are making on this post are breaking my heart


this shirt is so comfy

Looks like it!
I hope you get everything you deserve.
-The sweetest or evilest thing you can say to someone. (via mainlyboredom)

(via lickgold)


somehow this is really interesting

Larissa Hofmann at Fausto Puglisi Spring 2015 Backstage
meowliy was like:
As soon as you posted that i went to go see if you still followed me and now i feel happy inside 😄

aw that’s so cute, I’m glad ☺️💖